Sceptre Monitor Turning On and Off [10 Easy & Proven Fixes]

Sceptre monitors are famous for their high-quality performance and reliability, and therefore, they work great in gaming, filming, and everyday use. 

However, even the best monitors may have trouble turning on or staying on sometimes. 

If you are having issues with your Sceptre monitor not turning on or staying on, it is important to understand how to diagnose the problem to fix it as quickly as possible. 

In this article, I will provide an in-depth look at how to troubleshoot Sceptre monitor problems when dealing with a Sceptre monitor that isn’t turning on or staying on. 

I’ll discuss common causes of Sceptre monitor issues, such as power surges, faulty cables, and more, so you can get your computer back up and running properly again. 

Sceptre Monitor Turning On and Off [10 Easy & Proven Fixes]

Sceptre Monitor Turning On and Off

There are several possible reasons behind your Sceptre monitor turning on and off. The most typical issues observed are faulty power or HDMI cables, poor cable connection, overheating the monitor, and enabling power saver mode in your Sceptre monitor. On the other hand, some of the potential causes could be bad power settings, defective Graphics cards, old computer drivers, and faulty power supply.

How to fix the Sceptre monitor that is turning on and off?

To fix this problem, you should first verify whether it is caused by any faulty cables, such as power or HDMI Cables. 

If these are not at fault, then there may be crashing issues related to overheating of the monitor. 

This disables its power saver mode feature, so you need to resolve them and also run your PC in safe mode to see if any driver issue prevents it from working correctly. 

If that does not help then check your monitor’s resolution and refresh rate settings along with its appropriate Power settings properly configured before proceeding further.

Here is a step-by-step process to fix this issue:

  1. Faulty Power Cable
  2. Faulty HDMI Cable
  3. Monitor Overheating
  4. Disable Power Saver Mode
  5. Run the PC in Safe Mode
  6. Check Resolution and Refresh Rate
  7. Change Power Settings
  8. Defective Graphics Card
  9. Update Sceptre Monitor Driver
  10. Faulty Power Supply
Sceptre Monitor Turning On and Off [10 Easy & Proven Fixes]

1- Faulty Power Cable

The occurrence of a Sceptre monitor turning on and off can be caused by faulty power cables. 

When the power cable is damaged or does not work properly because of old, worn-out, or poor manufacturing.

There is a possibility that the connection between the power source and the monitor may fail intermittently, leading to unexpected turns on and off. 

You must check for any signs of damage or wear and tear in the power cable to diagnose this issue. 

It is very important to replace the faulty power cable with a new one to resolve this problem. 

Also, it is important to check if all connections are secure and properly plugged in, as loose cables can also cause issues related to turning on and off unexpectedly.

2- Faulty HDMI Cable

If a faulty HDMI cable is suspected to be the cause of your Sceptre monitor turning on and off unexpectedly, there could be visual issues such as flickering, distorted imagery, or no video signal. 

The problem may also be caused by electrical interference coming from other devices in the area, damage to the insulation of the cables, or a loose connection on the HDMI port. 

In this case, it’s important to first make sure that all connections are secure and replace any worn or damaged cables before proceeding with more solutions. 

If this doesn’t solve the issue, try connecting with another HDMI cable. 

It may also be worth trying a different port on your monitor just to verify that it is not an issue with the port itself. 

If changing cables and ports still don’t work out either, then you might have deeper issues like a faulty graphics card.

3- Monitor Overheating

Monitor overheating occurs if you use a Sceptre monitor for an extended period of time at higher brightness levels, use the wrong cables for connection, use outdated video drivers, or operate it in a poorly ventilated area. 

Additionally, if your monitor is not adequately cooled with fans or other cooling systems when it is not used properly, it may turn on and off intermittently. 

To avoid this issue, make sure that your Sceptre monitor uses the correct cables for connection and look up any necessary updates or driver downloads that could be causing an issue. 

Also, keep an eye on how bright your monitor is set to and ensure there is proper ventilation in the area with fans or other cooling systems available if needed.

4- Disable Power Saver Mode

Power Saver Mode is a standard feature on many Sceptre monitors that allows the unit to shut off automatically and go into a low-power state when it is not in use. 

If you wish to keep your monitor turned on for long periods of time, you may want to disable this setting. So that it will never turn off automatically by following these steps: 

To disable Power Saver Mode on your Sceptre monitor, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Display Settings” from the pop-up menu
  2. Select ‘Advanced Settings’ from the left-hand column
  3. Then click on the ‘Power’ tab
  4. Press the “Enable Power Saver Mode” 
  5. Choose ‘OK’ from the bottom of the window
  6. Your monitor will no longer enter its low-power mode

By disabling power saver mode, there could be an increase in energy usage with your monitor. 

If you have a larger model or plan to leave the screen on for longer periods of time.

5- Run the PC in Safe mode

If your Sceptre monitor turns on and off, you can stop this problem by setting the PC to run in safe mode. 

Before you start the PC in Safe Mode, you need to first restart it and type a particular key combination to access the computer’s BIOS or UEFI settings. 

Once there, look for an option to enter safe mode and select it. 

When safe mode is enabled, save all changes in your BIOS/UEFI settings and then restart the computer again. In Safe Mode, the Sceptre monitor will not turn off and on. 

Instead, it will simply stay on until you turn off your computer manual. 

Because this is a useful option for troubleshooting when investigating issues without distraction from the frequent turning of monitors off and on.

6- Check Resolution and Refresh Rate

If your Scepter monitor turns on and off periodically, it could be due to an issue with its resolution or refresh rate settings. 

Checking a Scepter monitor’s resolution and refresh rate is incredibly important when trying to fix your Scepter monitor. 

Resolution is measured by the number of pixels in width and height; the higher this number, the sharper and clearer the display. 

The higher the refresh rate, the smoother your monitor’s response time will be. 

Follow these steps to change the on-screen resolution:

  1. Press the Windows + I key to “open Settings.”
  2. Go to “System”> “Display Settings.”
  3. Go down to “Scale & Layout.”
  4. Go to “Screen Resolution.”
  5. Set it to the same resolution as the Windows display resolution.

If this still happens, check if the resolution and refresh rate settings match the manufacturer’s recommended configurations. 

If they don’t match these values per their recommendations, then you may have to adjust them until you find one that works for your specific model of monitor. 

It could be because of a faulty graphic card if you cannot fix this issue by adjusting just the resolutions.

7- Change Power Settings

As a monitor having a power saving mode, your Sceptre might tend to turn on and off randomly. 

In such cases, you can resolve this issue by changing the power settings of your Sceptre monitor as mentioned below. 

Before making any change in the power settings of your Sceptre monitor, you need to access its On-Screen Display (OSD) menu. 

For that, you must press the Menu button present on the screen of your monitor first. 

After that, navigate through the different options available until you reach the Power Settings option. 

Select it and make all necessary changes in that particular menu if required. 

If this does not work for you and persists with issues like your Sceptre turning on and off randomly. 

Then maybe there is something wrong with your cable or even outlet, so check them immediately.

8- Defective Graphics Card

When a Sceptre monitor starts turning on and off, this may indicate that there is a malfunction in the graphics card. 

Since most Sceptre monitors rely on the graphics card to display images on the screen if it malfunctions or is not working properly. 

They may start turning on and off intermittently as they try to receive a signal from the card. 

It is important to check the power supply, cables, and graphics card of your Sceptre monitor first to see what’s causing it to turn on and off so frequently when you notice this problem. 

If you are unable to repair any issues with these components and cannot fix the problem yourself. 

You may need to contact Sceptre technical support for further assistance in fixing or repairing the problem completely. 

It is always advisable before contacting Sceptre support regarding any issue related to your monitor.

9- Update Sceptre Monitor Driver

If you are experiencing issues with your Sceptre monitor turning on and off, updating your Sceptre monitor’s driver could be the solution. 

If you find that your Sceptre driver isn’t up-to-date, you will need to download and install a more recent version of the Sceptre driver from Sceptre’s website. 

Once you have downloaded the most recent variant of the Sceptre driver, return to Device Manager again, select “Sceptre” under the Display Adapters section, right-click it, and choose Update Driver from the pop-up menu. 

You should now be able to select the brand-new Sceptre driver that you just downloaded and install it. 

As soon as you have installed the latest variant of the Sceptre driver, restart your computer system. 

So that you can check if any issue continues concerning your affiliate marketing mentor turning on and off. 

10- Faulty Power Supply

A Sceptre monitor turning off and on might be caused by a faulty power supply. 

The power supply is part of the Sceptre monitor responsible for providing electrical current to the device, allowing it to run properly. 

If this component malfunctions or there is an issue with the electrical current itself, the Sceptre monitor may not stay powered on. 

To troubleshoot, make sure that all electrical connections are secure and replace the Sceptre monitor’s power supply if necessary. 

Also, make sure your Sceptre monitor is plugged into a working outlet and that there isn’t any damage to the cord. 

Finally, if these steps do not keep your Scepter monitor powered on, contact Sceptre support for further assistance. 

With proper steps and regular maintenance, you can easily fix any issues with your Sceptre monitors quickly.


In conclusion, if your Sceptre monitors are turning on and off, you can troubleshoot your monitor by following these steps:

  1. Faulty Power Cable
  2. Faulty HDMI Cable
  3. Monitor Overheating
  4. Disable Power Saver Mode
  5. Run the PC in Safe Mode
  6. Check Resolution and Refresh Rate
  7. Change Power Settings
  8. Defective Graphics Card
  9. Update Sceptre Monitor Driver
  10. Faulty Power Supply

Whenever you have tried all the steps and still do not find any solution, it is best to contact Acer customer support. 

They will help you with the solution because they have a qualified team available for you who can troubleshoot your monitor sound problem. 

If your monitor has serious issues, it is better to buy a new one instead of wasting money on an old Acer monitor that may give you more problems in the future. 


Why is my Sceptre monitor flickering?

A faulty HDMI port could cause flickering in your Sceptre monitor. 

Problems with ports can lead to abnormally low signal strength, which causes poor picture quality or distortion on-screen. 

To test if this is the case, try connecting the monitor to another device or port first.

If there are continuing visual issues, then there might be something wrong with your Scepter monitor’s HDMI cable or port.

To fix this problem, it needs a replacement for better functionality.

How to reset the sceptre monitor?

Below is the detailed method of how to reset your Sceptre monitor. 

It is fairly simple and straightforward: Remove all power cables from the back of the monitor as well as the electrical outlet. 

You may use a small Phillips head screwdriver or any other kind of tool that can help you remove these efficiently. 

After this, press and hold down the power button on your monitor for around 10-15 seconds. 

How to change the source on the sceptre monitor?

To change the source in your Sceptre monitor, you should access the on-screen menu using either the remote or buttons located directly on your monitor. 

Once in the on-screen menu, look for the “Source” option and then select it to see a list of available source options like HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc. 

Select one that will work best for you and exit the menu. Your new source should now show up when you power up your Sceptre monitor. 

How to change Sceptre monitor resolution?

Changing resolution on a Sceptre monitor is fairly easy to do. 

You must access your monitor’s On Screen Display (OSD) menu with either of the remote or buttons found on your actual Sceptre monitor. 

When in the OSD menu, find “Resolution,” which will give you multiple resolution choices to select from based on what works best for you. 

After selecting one that suits your needs, press Menu again to save changes and exit!

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