Acer Monitor Not Turning On [Causes & 7 Proven Fixes]

It can be extremely frustrating if your Acer monitor isn’t turning on. 

Many people have dealt with this issue before, and it’s a prevalent problem among consumers of Acer monitors. 

When I recently had difficulty with my Acer monitor not powering on, this came as a surprise to me since I had never encountered any issues like this in the past. 

I tried all the regular troubleshooting approaches that you would generally expect – checking the power cable, making sure it was firmly plugged in, and so forth. 

Nothing worked, though, and the screen remained stubbornly blank no matter what I did.

Luckily, after some further research online, I discovered that this is actually a common issue among Acer monitors. 

There are several possible solutions available for fixing it quickly and easily without needing any technical expertise or special tools. 

In this article, we’ll explore these solutions in more detail so that you can get your monitor up and running again in no time!

Why is my Acer monitor not turning on?

If you have an Acer monitor and it’s not turning on, there could be an issue with the power button, or the power cable or HDMI cable is faulty. 

It could also be a problem with incorrect HDMI input, a problem with the power socket or an outdated graphics card driver, or a problem with your motherboard. 

You can try switching cables and outlets to see if this resolves your problem. If not, then it may be necessary to take your monitor to a repair shop for servicing.

How to fix Acer monitor that is not turning on?

The first step is to inspect the power cord for any loose connections or possible harm. 

If the connection seems fine but everything still does not work, you should unplug it from the wall outlet and plug it into another outlet simply because there could be an issue with your electrical supply. 

You also want to make sure that your computer is switched on so that it can send a signal through the cable connecting it to the monitor.

You should also check all cables connected to both devices, such as HDMI or DVI ports. 

They could be damaged or disconnected, which would prevent them from sending signals to each other properly. 

Make sure they are securely plugged in at both ends before trying anything else out; sometimes, a simple jiggle of these cables can do wonders.

Finally, if none of these steps work, then consider resetting the monitor itself. 

This can be done by pressing and holding down the power button for 10 seconds, then it should reset, and you’ll need to configure it as it was before.

If none of these steps allow you to get your Acer monitor back on, it could be a more serious issue, such as a faulty motherboard or power supply, that needs to be looked at by an expert technician. 

But hopefully, with these steps, you will be able to troubleshoot it yourself and save some money. 

Here is a step-by-step process to fix this problem:

Acer monitor not turning on [Causes & 7 Proven Fixes]
  1. Issue With Power Button
  2. Faulty Power Cable
  3. Faulty HDMI Cable
  4. Incorrect HDMI Input
  5. Problem With Power Socket
  6. Outdated Graphics Card Driver
  7. Problem With Motherboard

1- Issue With Power Button

If your Acer monitor is not turning on, it could be a problem with the power button. 

The power button needs to be in good working condition for the monitor to turn on, and if it’s damaged or not functioning properly, it can prevent your monitor from powering up. 

In this case, troubleshooting steps need to be taken to identify if the issue is with the power button, so it can be fixed if necessary.

The first step in troubleshooting this problem should be to double-check if the power cord is connected correctly and if the outlet or surge protector you are using has enough power. If your monitor still doesn’t turn on, then it’s likely that an issue exists with the power button.

In order to resolve this issue, you’ll need to open up your monitor if possible and inspect the power button if access is available. 

Ensure that all wires connecting to the power button are connected properly. 

If any of these connections have become loose or disconnected, then they will need to be reattached. 

It may also be necessary to inspect if the power button itself is damaged and if it needs to be replaced.

With some basic troubleshooting, it should be possible to identify if the issue with your Acer monitors not turning on is because of a malfunctioning power button. 

2- Faulty Power Cable

Faulty power cables are one of the most common causes of Acer monitors not turning on. 

Power cables can become damaged if left exposed to the elements or if they are stretched too far, leading to wires becoming loose or frayed. 

A broken power cable may lead to a lack of power getting to your monitor, and if this is the case, you won’t be able to turn on your monitor.

To fix this issue, you should purchase a new power cable and try replacing the old one with it. 

If you are unsure of how to do this safely, then seek assistance from a qualified technician if necessary. 

Once the new power cable is in place and securely connected, you should be able to turn your monitor on again. In some situations, the power cable may not actually be faulty. 

If this is the case, then another possible cause of your Acer monitor not turning on could be a problem with the AC adapter itself. 

If you have checked that your power cable is in working order, but are still having difficulty turning your monitor on, then you may want to investigate if there’s an issue with the adapter.

3- Faulty HDMI Cable

The Acer monitor not turning on the issue could also be because of a faulty HDMI cable. 

The HDMI cable transfers high-definition audio and video signals from another source into your monitor. 

If the wire is damaged, old, or broken, it may not be able to transmit the electrical currents that are essential for your monitor to start properly.

After you replace the cable if your monitor is still not turning on. 

First, check that the power outlet that you are using is functioning fine and there are no loose connections in the wires or cables. 

4- Incorrect HDMI Input

Incorrect HDMI input is one of the most common reasons why an Acer monitor may not turn on. 

When connecting your HDMI device, if you do not use the correct HDMI port on your monitor, it can cause the monitor to not receive transmission signals from the device. 

Without these signals, the monitor will remain inactive and unable to power up.

In order to fix this issue, first of all, make sure that you are connecting your HDMI device to the correct port on the back of the monitor. 

If you have multiple HDMI ports, refer to your user manual for instructions on which input should be used for each type of device. 

Once you have identified the correct port and connected your HDMI cable correctly, power up both the monitor and the HDMI device to see if the monitor is able to receive a signal. 

If it does, you should be able to get your Acer monitor up and running again.

If you are still having trouble turning on your Acer monitor after connecting your HDMI cable correctly, then read the given fixes below this point.

5- Problem With Power Socket

When your Acer monitor is not turning on, one of the possible reasons could be a problem with the power socket. 

Power sockets are responsible for bringing electric current from an electrical outlet or switch to your monitor. 

Over time, power sockets tend to become worn out and faulty due to excessive use and exposure to surges in electricity. 

In such instances, they might fail to deliver sufficient energy for your Acer monitor to turn on.

Fortunately, problems with power sockets are one of the easiest issues to solve when it comes to Acer monitors that won’t turn on. 

You can either attempt to repair the power socket yourself or enlist the help of a professional if you prefer. 

If you’d rather not deal with repairing the power socket, you may simply use another electrical outlet to power your Acer monitor instead.

In any case, it is possible that this problem might be quickly resolved and get your Acer monitor working properly again without much effort on your part.

6- Outdated Graphics Card Driver

Acer monitors not turning on may be caused by an out-of-date graphics card driver. 

When the graphics card driver is outdated, it is unable to communicate properly with the monitor, thus resulting in it being unable to turn on properly. 

To fix this problem, users must ensure that their graphics card drivers are current and compatible with their monitors. 

They can do so by visiting the website of their graphics card manufacturer and downloading the latest version of the driver software. 

After installing it, restarting their computer will help to ensure that the new update is running correctly and that Acer monitors can successfully turn back on. 

Additionally, users may occasionally need to update Windows itself or install any security patches or updates released by Acer for their monitor. 

By keeping both software updated, on both the graphics cards and monitors, users will be able to keep Acer monitors operational without any issues.

If the above steps did not resolve the issue of an Acer monitor not turning on, then it may be due to a problem with the motherboard.

7- Problem With the Motherboard

If your Acer monitor is not turning on and there is no display, it could be due to a malfunctioning motherboard. 

The motherboard carries all the signals from the CPU to the monitor, so if there are any issues with it, then you will not have any signal for your monitor. 

In some cases, this happens because of physical damage that happens during incorrectly installed parts or faulty or damaged components such as capacitors on the mainboard. 

Check whether everything works by trying to replace and remove all of the components on the motherboard again and see if it works. 

If not, replace the whole mainboard! It’s important to mention that some Acer monitors come with built-in power supply units (PSU). 

So, if an issue occurs other than a problem with the motherboard, then it might be due to a fault in PSU. 

To check this out, connect another monitor and check if it works fine; if yes, then you need to change/replace your Acer monitor.


In conclusion, if your Acer monitor is not turning on, you can fix this problem by following these steps one by one:

  1. Issue With Power Button
  2. Faulty Power Cable
  3. Faulty HDMI Cable
  4. Incorrect HDMI Input
  5. Problem With Power Socket
  6. Outdated Graphics Card Driver
  7. Problem With Motherboard

If you have tried all these steps and didn’t find the solution for your Acer monitor, you should contact the Acer support team. 

They will solve your monitor’s problem because they have qualified and well-experienced technicians.

If you don’t know how to choose the best monitor, then read the complete article on our website.

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