Acer Monitor Not Turning On No Light [This Should Work!]

It was just a regular day after I had set up my brand new Acer monitor for work and leisure activities when suddenly it wouldn’t turn on. 

This is usually the time when I would power up my system, but things didn’t go as planned – even the faintest light appeared on display. 

After some troubleshooting and research, I soon discovered that this issue of Acer monitors not turning on with no lights is typically very common among users. 

In this article, you will learn about what might be causing such a problem. 

We will also share possible solutions to help you get your system running again as quickly as possible.

Acer Monitor Not Turning On No Light [This Should Work!]

Acer Monitor Not Turning On No Light

When diagnosing and troubleshooting this issue, check the power and HDMI cables to ensure they are securely connected. If the cables appear secure, try replacing the AC adapter to see if that solves your problem. In some cases, you might need to reset or replace the power button as well because it can cause a monitor not to turn on without a light. If these checks do not help with solving your problem, there could be an outdated monitor driver, an old graphics card, a faulty monitor backlight, or a problem with the motherboard. 

Here is a step-by-step process to fix this issue:

  1. Loose Cables Connection
  2. Check the Power Cable
  3. Check the HDMI Cable
  4. Try Replacing the AC Adapter
  5. The Power Button has an Issue
  6. Incorrect HDMI input
  7. Outdated Monitor Driver
  8. Old Graphics Card
  9. Faulty Monitor Backlight
  10. Problem With The Motherboard
Acer Monitor Not Turning On No Light [This Should Work!]

1- Loose Cables Connection

If your Acer monitor is not turning on and the light is not working, be sure to check the cable connection when you attempt to power it on. 

Ensure that all of the cables are properly connected to your Acer monitor as well as to the power outlet. 

Before proceeding further, make sure that you have successfully connected the power cord (a three-pronged cord) from your wall outlet directly to your Acer monitor. 

If everything appears to be in order with the cabling, you may still need to reset your Acer monitor in an effort to get it back up and running again. 

To do so, first, unplug the power cord from your Acer computer. 

Then press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds before plugging back in again. 

Still, having issues? You might need to look at replacing or checking out your Acer monitor’s power cable instead.

2- Check the Power Cable

The power cable needs to be replaced if Acer monitors do not turn on due to it being damaged, frayed, or worn out from extended use. 

If an issue arises because of the faulty power cable, replacing it with a new one may work as a solution. 

However, if Acer monitors continue to not boot even after changing the power cable, further diagnosis may be needed for other possible issues. 

Some causes of this behavior include defective power sources and hardware failure. 

If no solutions work for whatever issue you are having with your Acer monitor. 

Then contacting Acer support might be necessary to identify exactly what the problem is and offer a solution that works for you. 

3- Check The HDMI Cable

If your Acer monitor is not turning on, and there’s no light emerging from it, the problem may lie in an old or damaged HDMI cable. 

Make sure that the HDMI cable is firmly connected to your monitor as well as your computer. Check whether any of its ends has visible damage or wear. 

Unplug the HDMI cable from both ends and plug it back in again if this does not work. 

Alternatively, try using another HDMI cable instead. If nothing changes even when you replace the HDMI cord with a new one. 

You might need to take your Acer to monitor for further diagnosis at a repair shop or get it replaced altogether.

4- Try Replacing the AC Adapter

The best step to try when your Acer monitor is not turning on, and there is no light visible is to replace the AC adapter. 

As mentioned earlier, the AC adapter, also known as a power adapter, is an external power source. 

That converts electricity from a wall outlet into the correct voltage and current needed for your Acer monitor. 

If the AC adapter isn’t working properly, it might result in your Acer monitor being unable to turn on or display any kind of light. 

To confirm whether this issue is responsible for your problem, you can check by replacing it with a new one. 

If this fixes the issue, you will know that it was due to an operating error with the AC adapter. 

If replacing the AC adapter doesn’t fix things, try unplugging your Acer monitor from its electrical supply and then plugging it back in again. 

5- The Power Button has an Issue

It may be occurring to your Acer monitor that it is not turning on, as there might be an incorrect HDMI input. 

This could result if the HDMI cable is plugged into the wrong port or is somehow defective. 

In order to fix this issue, you will have to plug your cable into the right input instead of having it plugged into the wrong one. 

If, however, your monitor’s HDMI port is damaged, you should replace or fix the monitor’s HDMI port to resolve this issue of no light and a non-operating monitor. 

If, even after replacing or repairing your monitors’HDMI ports problem persists, then most likely it could be a problem with the HDMI cables themselves so. 

In case you still face such problems, then it might be better if you replace the old ones with new ones to make sure that everything works out fine for you.

6- Incorrect HDMI input

If you have an Acer monitor that won’t turn on, it’s likely an HDMI input issue. This can occur because of using the wrong or faulty HDMI cable. 

Using the incorrect port or one that is defective may cause issues with your video signals. 

If your HDMI cable is plugged into the wrong port or is otherwise defective, replacing it should fix this problem instantly. 

However, if your monitor’s HDMI port is damaged, you will need to either fix the port or replace your entire device altogether to solve this issue. 

As a last resort, if there are still problems with your monitor despite following all these steps. 

You might need to check whether there are any driver issues or settings that aren’t optimized for the resolution of your monitor and its signal. 

To troubleshoot further, connect the monitor to another computer with a different HDMI cable and see what happens.

7- Outdated Monitor Driver

It is possible that when Acer monitors are not turning on or functioning properly, the problem could be an outdated monitor driver. 

The first step in solving issues related to Acer monitors not turning on or working properly is to update your monitor’s driver. 

You can update by going to Acer’s official website and downloading the latest version of the driver for your model Acer monitor. 

This will ensure you have all the necessary updates designed for that particular model, as Acer releases new drivers occasionally. 

After downloading it, simply run the setup file to install and restart your computer so it can detect and implement the changes. 

If updating your monitor’s driver does not work to solve the issue, then maybe there is an issue with your Graphics card. 

8- Old Graphics Card

An Acer monitor that isn’t turning on and has no light may be due to a malfunctioning Graphics Card (GPU). 

The GPU is the component responsible for generating visuals that appear on the screen. 

Hence, if it is not working correctly, an Acer monitor will not turn on. 

If there are repeated issues with the function of an old Graphics Card in your Acer monitors, you should consider replacing it with a new one. 

A new Graphics Card can improve performance and image quality and add additional features such as better resolution and faster refresh rates. 

To replace an old Graphics Card in your Acer monitors, users must first disconnect their PC/laptop from any power supplies.

Including wall sockets or battery packs, before unscrewing the back panel of their Acer monitors to locate the GPU. 

Finally, they can replace the faulty GPU with a new one after securing it properly using screws or clamps before reconnecting power supplies to turn on their Acer monitor.

9- Faulty Monitor Backlight

When an Acer monitor does not turn on nor display any light, it may be due to a faulty backlight. 

The backlight illuminates the screen, and when it malfunctions, the Acer monitor will not power up or show any light. 

In some cases, this failure might be due to a blown fuse or faulty connection in the internal circuitry of the Acer monitor, but most often, it is caused by a problem with the backlight itself. 

This can be caused either because of defective components in the backlight circuitry or physical damage to parts of the Acer monitor’s display assembly. 

To fix this issue, users should take their Acer monitors to an experienced technician that can diagnose and repair issues with malfunctioning backlights. 

Defective Components or Damage in Display Assemblies cause issues with Backlights. 

10- Problem With The Motherboard

One likely cause of Acer monitors not powering on and staying dark may be related to a problem with the motherboard. 

The motherboard is the core component of any computer; if it malfunctions or isn’t working properly, this can prevent the monitor from turning on. 

Sometimes, the motherboard may need to be replaced in order to solve this issue. 

It is also possible that there might be some issues with faulty power cords or damaged power sockets.

So make sure you check these before concluding that a motherboard replacement is needed. 

Additionally, your Acer monitor might be faulty. 

Therefore, it is worthwhile to try using another non-Acer monitor along with your computer as well just for troubleshooting purposes. 

If nothing works out in this scenario either, taking your Acer monitor over to a trained professional for diagnosis and repair may become necessary.


In conclusion, if your Acer monitor is not turning on and as no light, you can troubleshoot your problem by following these steps:

  1. Loose Cables Connection
  2. Check the Power Cable
  3. Check the HDMI Cable
  4. Try Replacing the AC Adapter
  5. The Power Button has an Issue
  6. Incorrect HDMI input
  7. Outdated Monitor Driver
  8. Old Graphics Card
  9. Faulty Monitor Backlight
  10. Problem With The Motherboard

If you have tried all these steps and you have not found a solution to fix your problem, you should contact Acer customer support. 

If your monitor has a serious problem, buying a new monitor is better than wasting money on an old one.


What to do if my monitor isn’t turning on?

If your Acer screen remains black due to a corrupt or outdated graphics card driver or issues with its installation.

Checking if it works properly in other devices in the same electrical outlet may help fix this problem. 

Updating and reinstalling the latest versions of graphics card drivers when needed should also work well here as a solution for this issue. 

How do you reset an Acer monitor?

Here are the steps to factory reset an Acer monitor:

  1. Turn off the Acer monitor.
  2. Press and hold the “Menu” button.
  3. While holding the “Menu” button, turn on the monitor.
  4. Hold the “Menu” button for 5-10 seconds until the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu appears.
  5. Release the “Menu” button and navigate to the “Reset” option using the monitor’s control buttons.
  6. Select “Reset” and confirm the action.
  7. Wait for the monitor to complete the reset process, which may take a few seconds.
  8. Once the process is complete, the monitor should be restored to its factory settings.

Why is my monitor not turning on even when plugged in?

If your monitor is not turning on even after being connected to a power source, the first thing you need to check is the power light. 

You will find a small light near the power cord that indicates if it’s receiving electricity or not. If it isn’t off or flickering, try unplugging and plugging the cord again to reset it. 

If this does not work, there may be an issue with your monitor or its connection to your computer/power source. 

Where is the Reset button on Acer?

The Reset button for Acer monitors can be found at either side or bottom of your monitor, depending on the type of model. 

Also, make sure that any buttons pressed on the front of your monitor are neither stuck down nor pressed accidentally recently. 

For ease, go through the user manual for reference details. 

How do I get my monitor out of power save mode?

Here are the steps to get a monitor out of power save mode:

  1. Press any key on the keyboard or move the mouse to wake the computer.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the computer to signal to the monitor.
  3. If the monitor still shows the power save mode message, press the menu button on the monitor.
  4. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to the Input menu.
  5. Select the active input source for the monitor.
  6. Wait a few seconds for the signal to be detected and for the monitor to exit power save mode.

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