Acer Monitor No Sound [Causes & 7 Proven Fixes]

The dependability of Acer monitors has caused their use to increase significantly as people find them convenient for entertainment, work, and more.

Unfortunately, some users may experience issues with an Acer monitor, such as not hearing sound from the device.

Which can be frustrating when trying to enjoy or accomplish tasks on your computer. 

However, a few simple steps will help you to get your Acer monitor working properly again.

So that you can continue utilizing its features without any problems. 

This article will review why Acer monitors stop making sounds and how to resolve the issue easily.

Acer Monitor No Sound [Causes & 7 Proven Fixes]

Acer Monitor No Sound

If your Acer monitor has no sound, it could happen due to several possible causes. One of the first causes is your monitor has no built-in speakers, or the speaker volume is too low or muted. A bad cable and a defective audio card can also cause this issue. Additionally, if your Acer monitor is not at the default settings, it can cause your Acer monitor to have no sound. Old audio drivers and hardware connections for any loose or faulty wiring are also one of the reasons causing no sound.

How to fix an Acer monitor with no sound?

If an Acer monitor has no sound, the first step in troubleshooting is to look for if your monitor has built-in speakers.

Make sure that all cables are firmly connected and that the volume knob of the Acer monitors, if present, is turned up. 

Suppose there is still no sound from your Acer monitors even after trying this. 

In that case, you may want to try connecting another device to see whether it’s a problem with your Acer monitor or something else entirely.

If the monitor’s sound problem, you may want to look into software fixes like adjusting your computer’s audio settings or reinstalling relevant audio drivers. 

You should also check for updates in your system and Acer monitors software, as sometimes sound problems can be resolved by simply updating.

Here is a step-by-step process to troubleshoot your problem:

  1. Check if your monitor has built-in speakers
  2. Ensure the monitor’s speaker volume is not muted
  3. Check if your Audio Cable is Bad
  4. Check if your Audio Card is Defective
  5. Set the monitor as the default device
  6. Update Audio Drivers
  7. Check the Hardware
Acer Monitor No Sound [Causes & 7 Proven Fixes]

1- Check if your monitor has built-in speakers

Many Acer monitors come equipped with built-in speakers, allowing sound to be played without external speakers. 

This helps to save space and money, as well as makes it easy to connect audio signals without having to use additional cables or hardware. 

Acer monitors with built-in speakers typically have a 3.5mm stereo input port that connects external audio sources, such as MP3 players or gaming consoles. 

However, Acer monitors may occasionally encounter issues with sound output.

If you cannot hear any sounds from your Acer monitor when connected to an audio source, there might be a problem with your device’s sound settings.

2- Ensure the monitor’s speaker volume is not muted

When the Acer monitor’s speaker volume is not muted, it should produce sound when playing audio from connected devices. 

The Acer monitor may have a built-in audio output port that can be used to connect external speakers or headphones for improved sound quality and volume control. 

If your monitor volume is too low or muted, you need to adjust the computer’s audio settings and increase the volume level.

If none of these steps resolves the Acer monitor’s sound issue, you should check the audio cables and input ports to ensure they are connected properly and functioning correctly. 

If the Acer monitor is still not producing sound, then there may be a problem with the audio cable of your monitor.

3- Check if your Audio Cable is Bad

When an Acer monitor is not producing sound, it can be due to a faulty audio cable. 

The audio cable transfers the sound signals from the monitor to the speakers or device. 

If your monitor audio cable is damaged, you should buy a new audio cable and replace the old cable with the new one. 

If this cable is damaged, then the sound will not be heard. It may have some visible damage, like frayed wires or physical breaks in the cable, but it could also be internally damaged and not visible.

The internal sound card might need to be checked or replaced if it’s not producing any sound. 

Additionally, check your monitor settings to ensure that all relevant audio options are enabled.

4- Check if your Audio Card is Defective

A defective audio card in Acer monitors can cause no sound. 

To check if this is the issue, it is important to inspect both the physical connections and any software settings that may have been altered or corrupted.

First, make sure that all cables are properly connected and secured. You may need to unplug and plug any cables back in securely if any cables are loose. 

Next, it is essential to inspect any settings associated with audio within your Acer monitor’s software. 

Open the Acer Monitor Settings and ensure the audio output is set to the correct device. 

If this setting has been changed, switch it back to the Acer monitor and ensure it is toggled on.

5- Set the monitor as the default device

If your Acer monitor is still not producing sound, set the Acer monitor as the default device to resolve sound issues.

You can set the Acer monitor as the default device by following a few easy steps:

  1. Open your system’s Sound settings on your computer. This can usually be found in the Control Panel or Settings menu.
  2. Click the Playback tab and select your Acer monitor as the default device.
  3. If other options are listed in this menu, ensure they are disabled or unchecked.
  4. Once you select your Acer monitor as the default device, click Apply and OK to save your changes.

You should now be able to hear sound coming from your Acer monitor. 

If you still experience issues, consider updating your Acer monitor’s drivers or running a troubleshooter for additional help.

6- Update Audio Drivers

If your Acer monitor is still experiencing no sound, it is likely due to software glitches. 

These can be caused by compatibility issues between the Acer monitor and other components or devices connected to the monitor, such as a laptop, TV, or speakers. 

Outdated drivers for audio components may also cause sound problems with Acer monitors.

To fix the Acer monitor’s no sound issues, you should update the driver of your Acer monitor. 

Here are the steps to install the driver for an Acer monitor:

  1. Go to the Acer website and search for the driver download page for your specific monitor model.
  2. Download the latest driver for your operating system.
  3. Once the download is complete, double-click the file to extract the contents.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.
  5. Restart your computer to ensure the driver is installed correctly and functioning.

Check for software conflicts by disabling unnecessary programs or services running in the background while using Acer monitors.

By following these steps, Acer monitors users should be able to fix the Acer monitor with no sound issue and enjoy audio without any problems. 

7- Check the Hardware

It is important to troubleshoot Acer monitor audio problems by verifying that the hardware components are properly connected and functioning. 

Start with by checking if cables between devices (such as the monitor, speakers, or other sound sources) are securely plugged in. 

Next, open Acer’s audio control panel and ensure the volume level is sufficiently high for audible output. 

Lastly, double-check to ensure that all external speakers (or other sound equipment) are not muted or set too low.

If all necessary hardware components have been checked and verified as correctly connected and configured.

Further investigation may be necessary to diagnose and resolve Acer’s no-sound issue.

This may involve resetting Acer’s BIOS settings or updating its device drivers to more recent versions.


If your Acer monitor has no sound, you can troubleshoot your monitor by following these steps:

  1. Check if your monitor has built-in speakers
  2. Ensure the monitor’s speaker volume is not muted
  3. Check if your Audio Cable is Bad
  4. Check if your Audio Card is Defective
  5. Set the monitor as the default device
  6. Update Audio Drivers
  7. Check the Hardware

If you have tried all these steps in this article and have not found the solution, then it is best to contact Acer customer support. 

They will give you the best solution because they have a qualified team, and if your Acer monitor is under warranty, you can fix or replace your monitor for free. 


Why do gaming monitors have no speakers?

Gaming monitors typically lack speakers to keep costs down, and better tailor them to gamers who prefer headphones or external speakers. 

Headphones provide a higher quality sound experience than the built-in speakers often found in gaming monitors and can be used to hear game audio.

By not including built-in speakers, gaming monitor manufacturers can reduce costs or target specific segments of gamers that they know will likely only use headphones.

How do I get the sound to work on my Acer monitor?

If you have sound issues on your Acer monitor, the first step is updating your audio drivers. 

You can find out what type of audio driver your monitor is currently running by going into the Device Manager in Windows.

From there you can check it for any “Audio Inputs and Outputs” that are listed. 

Once you have identified the current driver, you can download an updated version from the Acer Support website or use third-party software. 

After updating your audio drivers, restarting your device may be required for the changes to take effect.

Why is my monitor not putting out sound?

The audio card in your monitor may be defective. 

Try connecting your monitor to another device with sound capabilities, such as a laptop or desktop computer, to see if you can hear sound from it. 

If not, it could indicate an issue with the audio card, and you may need to replace the audio card. 

Alternatively, check that all connections are properly secured and double-check your system’s audio settings on the control panel.

Does my Acer monitor have speakers?

Acer monitors do not have speakers. 

You will need to purchase additional speakers or headphones to hear audio from your monitor. 

Check out reviews and ratings before purchasing to ensure you get the best product for your needs. 

If you don’t know how to choose the best monitors, visit our website, we have a complete guide on how to buy the best speakers.

Why is the audio not working through HDMI?

There are several potential reasons why audio might not be working through HDMI. 

An issue may be caused by the connection of the HDMI cable or a compatibility issue between the device and the TV. 

The firmware may need to be updated on your TV or other devices, or settings such as sound mode could need to be changed for audio to work correctly. 

In addition, incorrect settings on either side can also cause audio problems. 

To ensure that audio is functioning properly when using an HDMI cable, ensure all connections are secure and compatible and use the correct settings.

Do PC monitors have no speakers?

PC monitors can come with or without speakers but most monitors don’t come with built-in speakers. 

Some PC monitors may have built-in speakers, usually, these are not of great quality, and therefore, PC users may opt for higher-end PC speakers for better sound. 

PC monitors without speakers still allow PC users to connect external audio devices such as PC speakers, headphones, or earphones. 

PC speakers are often plugged into PC monitors through the PC’s audio jacks, allowing PC users to enjoy better sound from their PC monitor.

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